Back to School

Now that summer summer slams to a close and most of us our languidly eyeing the books and classes we’ll immerse ourselves in during the coming months, there is little time to reflection on the bygone summer adventures.

Those lucky enough to have free time and money to spend or internships to explore are sure to have some stories of personal development and personal expansion from productive summers spend doing something worthwhile.

A few worthwhile journeys we’ve heard from those returning. UN internship in New York… Shamanic ethnobotany in Colombia, including ayahuasca investigations in the Amazon while volunteering at a retreat for healing. In Brazil, Santo Daime culture mixed with some World Cup enthusiasm are just a few of the adventures students passing throughout UMass Hotels have mentioned.

We’ll be updating with more soon.

We’re back in action. Keep your eyes on this space as we move forward with our relaunch.

In the meantime, have fun picking your classes as the semester begins.