UMass Hotels — “UMass Ho Tel[l]s”

Are you visiting the University of Massachusetts for a conference, visiting your child who is studying there, on vacation, or for fun.

No matter the reason, UMassHotels.com aims to provide you the best information to make your stay in Amherst memorable.

What you can find on this site.

  • Reviews
  • Accommodations
  • School Activities
  • Events
  • Places to Eat Near the University of Amherst
  • Commentary on Amherst Life
  • Hotels and Travel in General

Sound like an unfocused clusterfug?

We hear you.

BUT, as we have no plan and don’t want to pigeon hole ourselves too much at the beginning, we’re leaving our net wide open.

For example,  there is some flexibility in our site name.

It would appear, at first blush, that the site name “UMass Hotels” would limit our focus to the Hotel Market.

Maybe not, if “UMass Hotels” become too boring, the site shifts gears and turns into a “tell all” blog.

My roommate and I where thinking to have the site be about dating and other such nonsense. Think about it, the title could be — “UMass Ho Tels” — with our alternative personality being a crazy ho that tells you everything you don’t think you need to know about the UMAss area.

That’s just a wild idea we had while drinking one night in the dorm room. We know it may rattle some puritanical mindsets, but — it’s always more interesting to create polemic writing.

Let us know what you think via our contact form, we’re still building this thing as a project to learn about the internet, improve our WordPress knowledge and document our explorations of the UMass/Amherst geographic area.

Students of UMass:

  1. Are you familiar with the Amherst area?
  2. Do you want to build up a professional writing and photography portfolio?
  3. UMassHotels.com wants you!!!

We are seeking ambitious students with multimedia skills to contribute to making this site a useful resource for anyone coming to Amherst for the first time.

Send inquiries, or pitch ideas on our contact page.


UMASS Amherst Hotels Map

Supposedly, Amherst is one of the smartest college towns in America.

Good overview of town too.